Exhibition Highlights in Australia


In 2004 cyberTribe & Blackout presented ‘Out of the Dark’, an online and 'realspace' exhibition that was timed to coincide with those gathered in Brisbane for the Indigenous Media Lab. The exhibition/s initially had an online focus for viewers internationally, but also featured the actual artworks at WiseART Gallery in Brisbane with an official opening speech by Nancy Bamaga. There were over 10 exhibiting Artists featured in ‘Out of the Dark’.
'Out of the Dark' opening at WiseART Gallery, Brisbane 2004

In 2006, the Blackout Collective also staged 'Nokturne' an exhibition that opened during the Telstra National Aboriginal Art Award frenzy in Darwin - which also coincides with the Darwin Festival. Usually the Telstra award focuses on traditional or fine-artworks but very rarely are conceptual and new media work pre-selected, so we showcased these "new" media alongside traditional & customary works by a range of Aboriginal Artists. Nokturne was very well received and appreciated by locals and visitors alike. This approach was revisited in 2008 when 'Big Eye' Aboriginal Animations was showcased during Tesltra time, and sure enough it was also the only Screen~based exhibition of Aboriginal artworks in town out of the 20+ exhibitions during that time.


Another satellite event for the collective was staged during the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006. As part of the Nextwave Festivals Container Village project, Blackout was assigned a shipping container and had also secured the outside area. Titled 'Outblack', the project presented ancient native Australian plants such as Cycads and Grass Trees ('Black Boys'). The project considered the idea of the 'uncontained' and the issues around native versus introduced, inclusion versus exclusion, and ancient versus recent. 'Outblack' was a collaboration between Jenny Fraser and Cameron Goold.
internal view of the container: outblack 

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